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Just as the name suggests, we constantly and consistently endeavor to deliver premium, value driven Internet services across Tanzania at the blink of an eye. This is made possible through the utilization of Wi-Fi technology, proprietary antennas and repeaters. 

We have recently invested huge amounts of money in research and development of Fibernet technology that is up to 50 times faster than the other Internet options available. These include Microwave Radio, which is a stable and fast Internet option for rural and urban areas and a new generation Satellite Internet technology for clients in remote rural areas without accessibility to Fibernet technology. 

All this happens while our virtual private network (VPN) that is built between your device and one of our servers operates in the background to keep your data safe from unauthorized entities as you continue surfing the web!

Whether you require our services for a small home setting or at your lodge in remote Serengeti, our packages starting from 25GB at only 30,000Tsh a month allow you the chance to choose the option that best suits your requirements. What is more, we thrive on customer service and have a support team that runs 24/7 and is dedicated to serve over +600 residential and corporate clients across the region whenever required.

Providing reliable Internet Services through a secure, sound and stable network by constantly researching and developing the efficiency of our infrastructure.
We believe that flexibility is one of the core principles of exemplary service. Our services and solutions will be tailored to accommodate needs without limitations.
Our enthusiastic team is dedicated, 24 hours a day, to provide quality after-sales services, consultations and time effective solutions. We run a full time support line and are undertaking the development of various support platforms.

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We have a dedicated team of experienced individuals ready to help. A sophisticated escalation management system is also used to quickly solve emergency queries.
Blink is one of the best internet solutions providers in Tanzania. We offer a variety of internet solutions to help meet your connection needs.
As you browse the web, we utilize various tools to keep your connection meticulously safe. Blink offers solutions such as VPNs and firewalls to ensure that your data security is maintained.

Meet the team

The personnel behind Blink’s technology are the reason we have come so far. They are talented, motivated, and love every bit of what they do!
Alihusein Mulla
Technical Manager
Vivek Shamji
Support Manager
Anthony Paul
Finance Team
Masood Haruna
Lucy Mayangala
Finance Team
Masina Nyamkinda
Patrick Steven
Zaheed Lalani
Tabu Yusuph
Blink is a boutique fast Internet Solutions Provider that offers value driven connectivity across Tanzania.
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