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Blink is the best internet Solutions Provider that offers value-driven connectivity across Tanzania. Utilizing Wi-Fi technology, proprietary antennas, and repeaters, Blink is able to serve a large area with broadband Internet connections with a nationwide expansion view. Established since 2014 as an offshoot of GadgetroniX, it has gained its reputation by being the first to commercialize numerous connectivity technologies in Tanzania, as a result of heavy investments in research and development in infrastructure.  The level of investment put in has allowed us to provide some of the fastest internet solutions in Tanzania. 

Blink offers different tiers of fast internet packages that are meant to meet the needs of our different clientele. Today, its clientele includes over 40 corporates with above 10 Mbps requirement, over 50 clients with above 1Mbps connections and more than 300 clients on shared packages. Blink provides a unique offering of customized Internet and telecommunication solutions for residential and corporate purposes coupled with a team that thrives on customer service.

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