September 27, 2019
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Broadband Guide | All you need to know about broadband.

This guide provides you with in-depth and up-to-date information about broadband and how to identify the best packages and deals as well as the best internet provider in Tanzania.

Today, it’s possible to connect and use the internet in many different ways. There are two key services that can provide you with internet access. These services are a slow dial-up service or a fast broadband connection. Many internet providers in Tanzania today offer broadband guide connections to both homes and offices. When compared with dial-up service, a broadband connection is faster and has several packages which can meet your needs.

What Kind of User are you?

Before switching to a new Internet provider in Tanzania, you need to specify what kind of internet user you are. Do you make use of low, medium, or High Internet? This should be taken into consideration if you are installing broadband Internet for a household or Office.

Light users: Are you the kind of user who uses the internet for checking emails, shopping, and paying bills? You should consider using the most economical broadband guide package which will probably be suitable for your basic needs.

Medium Users: Internet users that frequently watch TV, and download loads of music or files but are moderate in their use fall in this category. For instance, corporate offices of up to 5-10 users with web surfing, and working on emails on daily basis. You should consider switching to a high internet package if you exceed your limit consistently.

Heavy Users: People that fall in this category are those who love using the internet to watch TV or stream movies, and download extensive files. Corporate offices of up to 10-20 users with web surfing, and working on emails on daily basis are also included here. Users in this category spend a good deal of time on the internet and need fast and unlimited broadband.

ethernet cables at Broadband Connection

Types of Broadband Internet


Microwave (radio) Broadband is mostly suitable for internet users who do not want to pay more for basic internet usage. To connect to the internet the user requires a router. Specifically, a router that connects to the internet via the microwave radio which receives signals from the main tower. You can buy the router from your service provider and pay monthly or pay as you go.


With satellite broadband, you get connected to the internet via the use of a satellite. The cost of connection is quite high with this type of broadband.

With that said, it is an effective means of connection for individuals who live in remote areas. The signal is received using a satellite dish instead of cables. Over the years, Its speed and network stability have improved.

How Much Data do you need?

Calculating the amount of data you need can be a strenuous task and may not be effective if you are a high internet user. If you have got multiple devices and multiple users, your data usage pattern changes from month to month. We simply estimated some rough figures as a guide.

Router For Broadband Connection

General browsing and email: 10 GB per month with speeds of 2Mbps
Browsing and TV streaming: 30 -80 GB per month with speeds of 3M
General browsing, TV streaming, movies, and huge file downloads: 80 – 180 GB per month with speeds of 6Mbps
Gaming and high-end Internet usage: 10 GB to unlimited.

Is Speed Important when selecting an internet provider in Tanzania?

Internet speed greater than 2 Mbps (which many of the best internet providers in Tanzania can offer) is sufficient for basic and simple online activities. You don’t need a super-fast connection for checking emails, browsing the web, uploading photos to Facebook, and even streaming from Netflix or BBC iPlayer. If you stream live videos on multiple devices or play games online, then you’re going to need a  high-speed connection of 8Mbps.

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