January 8, 2022
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Fiber Internet in Tanzania vs Radio Based Internet

As everything and everyone has a predecessor, so does the Internet and Fiber Internet. Before it, we had ARPANET, which led to the first message exchange between two computers in 1969. Its sole purpose was to transfer government information from one computer to another. ARPANET was successful though it was only available to limited personnel. To combat this more networks were developed, and we had the Internet rise in the New Year of 1983. To date, we celebrate International Internet day on 29th October to recognize this breakthrough.

With that, let’s jump into what the Internet looks like currently and what it will be like tomorrow. In the world of science, stagnation is a big no. Every invention and idea is constantly improving, even as you read this. From wired connections to portable modems and now wireless amenities, the world of the Internet has made massive strides. Just when you think there is no more to change, geniuses come up to tell us there is more in store.

Fiber internet in tanzania

True fiber internet in Tanzania is finally a reality

Many have heard about fiber optic Internet and that it is a groundbreaking improvement in the industry. That is true but vague, so is it better than what we already have? And how? The main difference is that fiber internet optic cables consist of glass or plastic fibers rather than regular cables that contain copper. This difference is what brings about the revolutionary change required in our Internet usage. Despite being only 31% slower than fiber-optic cables, the aspects of copper connections are affected greatly. Copper cables are able to carry signals only about 100 meters. They have higher attenuation or signal loss rates than fiber optic cables. Fiber optic cables lose 3% every 100 meters while copper loses 90%. Fiber optic cables are said to be sturdier and can last up to 50 years, while copper cables will need replacing every 5 years or so. The performance degrades as they age due to corrosion.

Today fiber internet in Tanzania is a reality, let’s look at some of its advantages against radio Internet that has been always the standard.


The speed of both these networks can be compared based on photons versus electrons. Fiber Internet-optic cables run at the speed of light (photons) as compared to radio Internet which runs on the speed of sound (electrons). Fiber-optic Internet speed is 10 Gbps+, which is 100 times faster than the 100 Mbps we have been using. It takes a fraction of the time to get any work done with this speed. For example, the standard time to download a two-hour HD movie at 100 Mbps is 7 minutes and now will take 40 seconds only. Apart from luxury aspects, shopping online and retrieving data will be done within seconds!

fiber internet speed

No frozen screens!

Streaming content online without buffering is what we all want. That is what fiber internet optic cables can deliver due to their high capacity and low latency. The cables can pick up multiple signals during peak hours to maintain a constant speed. The best part is since there is no metal involved in these wires, it does not run on electricity. Even during a power outage, you will not lose your Internet connection.

No throttling

Have you noticed that when you are trying to send an important email or upload a file, suddenly the connection drops or gets stuck? It is a tactic that many Internet providers use to ensure that the Internet connection is active for all users, despite being at its slowest. This will not be the case with fiber optics as it has a large capacity and an overload is very unlikely to occur.

Same download and upload speeds

When sending a video on WhatsApp, uploading on Instagram, or even YouTube, it takes a long time to upload the video but a relatively shorter time to download it. That is because Internet providers have set a larger bandwidth to download content, as that is what the majority of people do. With fiber optics, you will take the same time to upload as to download. No more hearing that it took 3 hours to upload and 3 minutes to download.

slow internet solution in tanzania related to Fiber Internet

Higher-quality TV

Many people have now got smart TVs allowing them to enjoy apps such as Netflix and YouTube on a bigger screen. With the better 4K displays, current Internet bandwidths cannot support streaming, which tends to distort quality, our company introduces Fiber Internet in Tanzania because it is no difficult task for fiber optics, enabling you to get crisp picture quality when watching your shows.

Better Gameplay

Fiber internet optics is the best option for online gaming. Despite not using a large bandwidth, any glitch or fluctuation can get you killed in your game. Many games require multiple players, who need to make moves timely in order to enjoy a smooth experience. Make your moves wisely and timely with consistent Internet flow from fiber-optic connections. All Fortnite lovers, keep an eye out to raise the bar in your gaming experience!

Connecting with multiple devices

In the age of technology, each household has multiple devices that require an Fiber Internet connection. An individual may have up to three devices each to be connected such as a laptop/ PC, phone, and TV. The speed and capacity of fiber optic cables allow multiple devices to stay connected with a constant speed of Internet despite the usage.

With the numerous benefits of advancing technology comes great responsibility as well. Faster Internet will mean getting work done faster. It is necessary in this case to go at your own pace and avoid mental burnout. Saving up a couple of minutes in each task can get us an extra hour or two. Who knew we could add a couple of hours to our day? The added benefit fiber internet optics offers us is the provision to make time for ourselves, and do what we love most sometimes through using the Internet.

fast speed internet in Tanzania with Fiber Internet

Is Fiber Internet the best option for you?

For more information, contact our expert team will gladly assist you and answer any queries you might have about our fiber technology. At Blink, we are here to help you find the best solutions for your home or business.

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