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As Tanzania’s Internet powerhouse, our goal is to spread our value-driven services to as many people as we can.









We do things a bit differently

Founded by Hasnain Sajan, Blink was established as a division of GadgetroniX, our parent company. The significant growth of our company has empowered us to provide premium, value-driven Internet services to Tanzanians in the blink of an eye. We use the most technologically advanced equipment and the latest Wi-Fi technology to make this possible.

We have made a big investment on our own Fibernet infrastructure, which is up to 50 times faster than the other Internet options. We operate with Microwave Radio, a stable and fast Internet option for rural and urban areas, and a new generation of Satellite Internet technology for clients in remote rural areas who do not have access to Fibernet technology.


In order to provide reliable, secure, and stable Internet services, we are constantly researching and developing our infrastructure to provide the best possible service to our customers.


We believe that flexibility is one of the most important aspects of providing excellent service. Our services and solutions will be customized to your needs.


Our enthusiastic team is committed to high-quality after-sales services, consulting, and time-effective solutions. We operate a 24-hour support line on various platforms.

Only working with the best brands

Our entire product line is sourced from our most reputable global partners.
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Meet the team

Our team working behind Blink's technology is largely responsible for our success. They are talented, determined, and enthusiastic about their work!
Alihusein Mulla
Technical Manager
Vivek Shamji
Support Manager
Anthony Paul
Finance Team
Masood Haruna
Lucy Mayangala
Finance Team
Masina Nyamkinda
Patrick Steven
Tabu Yusuph

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